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Simple Spells


Simple Spells

The following spells are simple wish spells, everyone can use the power within themselves to affect a change for the good. Always remember the general rules when casting a spell of any kind,
"Harm No One"
"The Three-Fold Rule"

Whatever you wish for will come back to you three times over, and never cast more than three spells at a time, one of which should be for the good of all, one should be for anything closer to home, for example family or pets. The last one cast can be for one self - but not for greed.

Safety Note! Spells involving candles.
Never leave a lit candle unattended, and remove any flammable objects, well away from any naked flame.


End all spells by saying "So May It Be".

1. Spell to banish debt

If your bills are piling up, a little bit of help never goes amiss!

Moon phase: Full for maximum power

One green candle, oil of your choice, (patchchouli is a good one to use) Any pointed implement such as a nail.

Consecrate and anoint the candle and nail from wick to bottom. Carve the names of your creditors down the side of the candle, light the candle, asking the power of the moon to help you bannish your debt, as the candle burns away, imagine also your debts decreasing. Let the candle burn away completely, making sure it is in a safe container, whereby no hot wax may be spilled.

2. Ribbon of love

One red ribbon 1m in length.
Your favourite scent
Moon phase; waxing
Best Day; Friday (dedicated to Venus, Goddess of Love)

Consecrate and anoint the ribbon with your favourite scent, wrap it around your Mount of Venus (wedding ring finger), whilst consentrating on your loved one. Unwrap it and make Five knots as equally as possible through out the length, each representing loving thoughts. plant the ribbon secretly for your loved one to find, for example in his/her pocket for them to find later. Warning: best be prepared for the results!!

3. Repelling negativity spell

Moon Phase; waning. When making tea or coffee, stir three times widdershins (anti - clockwise) saying "Negativity go away", then stir three times deosil (clock-wise), saying positivity come my way".

4. Dry Day for a Special Occasion

If you have something special planned that depends on a fine day, try this spell.

Look out at first dawn and to the first cloud that catches your eye, say, "Rain, rain go away, come back again another day", symbolically blowing the cloud away.

5. Promotion

If you have stairs at your place of work, and feel that you are working hard, but getting nowhere, try this spell.

Moon phase - waxing,

Each time you go up any set of stairs, mentally recite this incantation.

Each step I climb,
Success is mine,
The higher I get,
May I earn respect.