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Imbolg also spelt Imbolc, Oimelc and also known as Candlemass and Bride Day celebrated 1/2nd Februrary.

Imbolg is about beginnings. Our ancestors celebrated the start of the lambing season at this time, Imbolg/Imbolc means "in the belly", the ewes were pregnant and about to give birth. The other Celtic word, Oimelc, literally means ewes milk, the milk was made to make cheese, something still done today, but now thought of as a luxury.
The Triple Goddess is in her maiden aspect as the Celtic Goddess Bride. (Sometimes spelt Bridit, Brigit or Bridie).
It is just before spring arrives, she is at the beginning of her cycle and like her, we can all dream and make plans.

Also at Imbolg it is a time of cleansing and purification.

Bride sweeps away the debris of winter and last years growth with her broom. We must clear the way for something new, both physically and metaphysically.

The young God approaches Bride with desire. Through their union new life will come into being.

Bride is symbolically a horse Goddess and her consort, the young God is her depicted as her groom, lavishly attending her. They will soon consumate their union, in their forthcoming "marriage". The names "Bride and Groom" are still used by most religions today to describe a couple about to wed.

Bride helps the first spring flowers to grow. The young God can be seen in the growing light of the Sun.

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