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Samhain, also known as Eve of all Souls. The most well name being the Christianised name of Hallowe'en or Eve of all Hallows (saints) 31st October.

Pagans mainly use the Celtic name Samhain (pronounced Sow-in). Since the use of the term "Hallowe'en" this festival has become so debased by non followers of the Old Religions. It has become nothing more than a circus, particularly in America, where "Trick or Treat" immediately springs to mind. Unfortunatly, this type of "blackmail" is catching on over here in England, whereby children knock on doors and demand money or sweets with menaces. People dressing up in weird costumes and having parties is fair enough and does no harm, but to some elderly person opening the door at night to a mini bunch of menacing brats, it is a very serious matter. I urge all parents to teach their children to act responsibly if they must allow them to go out in this pusuit.

However, to witches, the Samhain Rite is the most important of the year. It is the last day of the Celtic year, the Celtic New Year beginning on the 1st November. It signifies the death of the old year, and the rebirth of the new year. The Goddess is in her aspect of Crone (old wise-woman), she brings the gift of wisdom. She is personified as Rhiannon, in her aspect of crone and midwife. Rhiannon was given the title "midwife" as she is neither of this world or the next, she was mid-way between the two worlds and therefore could easily pass between the two. As midwife her job was to deliver new life into the world and to prepare those that had died on to the next world. This title later passed to women and sometimes men who had this job. It was only much later in relatively modern times that the job changed to only include delivering new life, the job became split and the term "undertaker" became a job in it's own right.
The God is Lord of Night and Shadows, he is teacher and guide on both Outer and Inner realms.

It is a time when the boundaries between the two realms are open, including those between the living and the dead. It is therefore more possible to become aware of the psychic presence of those who have gone before, but who are still connected and watching over us. Samhain is the best time of year for a connection to our late ancestors. On this subject, I must state firmly, that there is no justification to "Call back the dead". Witches believe that if they are able, and wish to, our ancestors will come to us freely. We just need to sit and wait, contemplating the gift from the Goddess, using it according to our circumstances, we can consider death as part of our lives, perhaps we now need to let go of something at this time of year.

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